AIDS in Africa

The HIV/AIDS is considered a full scale pandemic on the African continent where 67% of the wolds HIV infected population resides. This number is even more significant due to the fact that Africa is only home to 14% of the worlds population

HIV is prevalent in sub-suharan Africa where an estimated 22.5 million people are infected with HIV. Low sanitary conditions and poverty often lead to the spreading of the virus along with an unprecedented amount of sexual crimes. These crimes often lead to the infection of a large number of women in Africa. Thus the virus is also passed on to the next generation of people in the continent, meaning basically that children can be born with AIDS.

The situation in Africa is neither helped by the fact that it is the poorest continent in the world. Although a cure for AIDS has yet to be found the medicines and treatments available to us today allow us to suppress the infection, slow it down and reverse the spread of the infection. The implementation of stable governments in the country could also help with the spread of HIV as they would be able to put sex offenders in jail.

References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HIV/AIDS_in_Africa


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