Africa Fighting Malaria (NGO)

AFM is non-governmental organization headquartered in both Washington D.C and South Africa. It’s mission as stated y the them is to “educate people about the scourge of malaria and the political economy of malaria control”. The NGO basically operates by promoting economic freedom and market based solutions to solve the malaria problem. By promoting economic freedom through ways such as creating jobs and educating people, they can make an impact on the future by making medical care more affordable and by creating awareness about Malaria.

AFM is also devoted to making the federal governments of these countries more aware of the Virus and makes them more accountable for the health of their citizens. AFM brings awareness to all Malaria inflicted areas about their own role in preventing Malaria and the governments role as well.

One of the main ways that AFM looks to fight the Malaria problem is by introducing and promoting the pesticide DDT. As is stated by the AFM, DDT is a very important and useful tool in fighting malaria when used in controlled amounts and environments. This is the most controversial point made by the organization as DDT is a potentially environmentally threatening pesticide that could irreversibly harm a species. Many environmentalists say that AFM is just looking for a way to turn attention away from the matter of environmental sustainability as the AFm is affiliated with at least two resource mining companies.

AFM is funded through many sources but makes a clear statement of not accepting any funding from the government, insecticide industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Much of the money that flows into AFM is also made through donations from around the globe. They also receive funding from  NUMBER health-care and mining corporations.

http://fightingmalaria.org/  ——————–> heres a link to the AFM website





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