AIDS in South Africa

South Africa is an average-sized country on the southernmost tip of Africa. The country is home to about about 50 million people and also the worlds highest population of HIV infected people. According to the WHO over 5.6million people were living with AIDS in south Africa with many others besides infected with HIV, Approximately 330 000 under-15’s also live with AIDS in South Africa. In 2009 alone over 310 000 people died of AIDS in South Africa alone, many of whom were children or teens. The infection continues to spread today both genetically and sexually, both consensual and not.

The high rates of AIDS are due to many factors, the leading cause of which is poverty. South Africa, like many African countries, has a struggling economy and this leads to many people lacking access to medical care and attention. The weak economy leads to many people being unable to educate themselves or their children, which in turn leads to child labour as the family needs money, which in turn leads to child prostitution in many areas, especially with girls. Through this illegal business many children are subject to the HIV infection and in turn spread it around. South Africa also faces problems with corruption both in gangs and even political parties. Rape is commonly used as a weapon of revenge and a spoil of war as well.

The HIV/AIDS problem in South Africa is not an easily solvable problem and will take the generous input of many nations together to work out. Through the use of technology, medicine, prevention, and proper jurisdiction though the problem can be solved and South Africa can be freed of the cloud that AIDS puts over it.

References: http://www.avert.org/aidssouthafrica.html


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