Malaria in Africa

Malaria is a major problem in Africa that claims millions of lives each year although it is a preventable disease. The Malaria Pandemic in Africa is caused by many factors of which are all present in the continent.

The first of these factors is the Climate of Africa. The hot and dry weather provides perfect conditions for the Anopheles fly  to breed and grow. Also most sub-saharan Africa’s Anopheles mosquitos carry the P. falciparum strand of the virus which is not common in other parts of the world. The poverty in Africa also adds to the problem as many of the poor people in the continent would not have access to medical help such as vaccinations or repellents for mosquitoes (the number one defence against malaria).

According to the WHO 90% of all malaria related deaths occur in sub-saharan Africa. Another claimed fact by the WHO is that every 45 seconds in a child dies of Malaria in Africa. Without access to medical treatments, commercial medicines and commercial products, Africa will continue to see thousands of deaths due to Malaria.

References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaria


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