Tanzania vs. Malaria

Across all of Africa, Tanzania is considered one of the highest risk malaria zones on the planet. Located right on top of the sub-saharan plains, this country is a breeding zone for the Anopheles mosquito, and more commonly the breeding zone of the P. falciparum malaria strain.

According to the WHO the average life expectancy in Tanzania from birth is only fifty-nine years, this number is lessened as time goes by due to living conditions and medical access. In Tanzania malaria is the leading cause of death to children under the age of 15, 7.6% of all deaths in the country are under five years of age. This is mainly due to a lack of access to proper medical care, many of the individuals living with malaria in Tanzania are also living in impoverished conditions. In 2009 40% of the people in Tanzania could not afford primary health care. Many people in Tanzania are also uneducated on the topic of malaria and thus cannot know how to deal with it, what to look for and where to go once the problem is realized. A poll in in the country a few years ago shows that many people in the country wish to be educated in the topic o malaria but cannot find the means to do so.







The problems with malaria and AIDs in all African countries seem to come back to the same problem, poverty. Without access to a public health care, primary education and proper sanitation malaria will continue to become a growing problem in Tanzania and will continue to affect many lives.








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