Dr. John Zaia

Dr. John Zaia, a virologist who works with the City of Hope cancer centre is a leading scientists looking in to new and innovative ways to cure the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Zaia is a leader in both research and in running clinical trials for gene therapy in the HIV/AIDS field. Zaia tests in a variety of fields for potential treatments and cures for the HIV/AIDS disease. Many of his projects and potential cures go back to Stem cell research, which he believes is the key to curing the disease. Zaia’s research includes using stem cells that are grown into blood cells that ultimately are impervious to HIV (this is plausible as this is a naturally occurring phenomenon in some people), these cells are then matched with a patients and then are used to replace infected cells.

Zaia is literally at the front of all HIV/AIDS research and is well recognized by the HIV/AIDS scientific community. Many of his colleagues work in similar institutions overseas and work with him on joint projects on the HIV/AIDS area. Zaia’s newest project which involves extracting stem cells and re implanting them with the RNA’s necessary to fight off the HIV disease is in the process of development and under clinical trial.

A look at how stem cells work




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