AIDS, a Culmination

At the beginning of this blog I summarized why i believed that this MDG#6 was the most important of all the MDG’s. I believed that it was the most important because AIDS was a world pandemic and that it was a major problem that the world needed to take on to be solved.

Throughout each topic that i decided to post I had a single unifying goal in mind. To inform. My purpose, as I see it, was to inform whoever sees this blog about AIDS and the problems and hardships that it causes worldwide. I believe that i have achieved my purpose because i believe that everyone who has read this blog has learned something and took away something of value that can put toward the future.

In this blog so far i have covered the topics (on AIDS) of:

– How it works

– What it does

– How it affects the world

– How it affects one country in general

– People who are fighting for a change

– Corporations that are looking towards change

– How we as individuals can make a difference in the world

– How technology helps us in our struggle to find a cure

– And how AIDS will look in the future

Personally I believe that i have learned a lot myself about this MDG that i never knew before and i believe that my opinions of the MDG and its importance have only grown stronger since the start of this blog. In relation to my science knowledge i believe that i have grown much in my general attitude towards AIDS and in my general know how of the subject. Finally I believe that there is:



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