AIDS and Me

AIDS is a challenge that can be taken up by any person at any time, it is a burden to all people and every single person has the ability to help the U.N in their goal to fight it.

As a student in Science 10 we can make links to this U.N MDG within our curriculum and also in our everyday lives. Within our biology unit is the basic but key factors to understanding how AIDS works and how AIDS can spread.

In our biology unit we learned about the structure of different cells and biological systems. Through this unit in the same way we can understand the physical characteristics of HIV by the way the virus behaves and they way it attacks the body. We can learn the properties of the virus and can even learn of how it lodges on to body cells and affects them thereon.

In the everyday we can take up the mantle for MDG#6 by spreading awareness of the HIV/AIDS problem, just like this blog and many others out on the internet. We can also support causes around the world and vocalize global AIDS issues on behalf of those who cannot.




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