AIDS in the Future

AIDS has been an going problem in the world for years and is still a problem to this very day. However this may not be the case for the future.

Science is advancing everyday and everyday new barriers are broken and new paths are found on the road to discovering the ultimate cure for AIDS. So far our scientists have succeeded in slowing down the progress of this disease, who’s to say that it won’t be cured. The prospect of AIDS is improving, albeit slowly AIDS is beginning to slow down and the disease is beginning to become less and less mysterious to researchers around the globe. We have begun to anticipate different behaviours of the disease and have begun to able to preliminarily predict what it will do next.

Despite all these positives though there is still almost no chance of the disease reversing completely all around the globe by 2015. This is partially due to the fact that AIDS is a very adaptable and unpredictable disease, it can literally vary in behaviour from one person to the next, it has been called the slipperiest of diseases on more than one occasion for a reason. In fact although the progress is positive it may not even be in our lifetimes that we discover the cure to AIDS and even longer still before we eradicate it completely, if ever. AIDS may be a problem that may not be solved for even another few centuries. Many scientists believe that future of AIDS cures may be extremely bleak and that in fact in may be an incurable disease. See here.

I for one do not believe in an incurable disease. Being an optimist i can’t imagine that humanity, with all its resources, potential and people cannot find a cure to the disease. I believe that a cure will be found, whether tomorrow or in a few centuries.

AIDS is a disease that is taken very seriously in the world and many speculate what the future will bring for it, but truly only time can tell.















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