Malaria, a Culmination

When I began this blog i believed that MDG#6 was most important because of its global effects and the human lives that it was costing. Malaria for me at the start was the smaller of the two listed diseases and the one that i thought i would pay less attention to. In that aspect I was wrong.

Malaria, as i have come to realize is just as big of a deal as AIDS itself. Of course as with AIDS I did still have a goal in mind and once again my goal was to inform, but this time to also spread a greater awareness of what the disease really is and the true complications behind it. I believe that here to i have achieved my purpose because I once again believe that everyone who has read my posts haas learned something new about malaria and has become more aware of its implications.

The topics that i have covered with Malaria include:

– What it is

– How it is transferred

– Its global effects

– Its local effects

– Proactive people supporting the goal

– Organizations supporting the goal

– Our individual impacts

– Technology

– And the future of the disease

I believe that since the start of the blog my opinions on the matter of Malaria have in fact changed greatly as i no longer consider it as less of a deadly of threatening disease than AIDS. I still do believe, as i did from the start however that It is a major problem in our world today that needs to be solved. I believe that as a student i have learned much from this blog and that i have added greatly to my current scientific knowledge. I leave the main topic of this blog with a new view on our MDG’s and a newfound interest in this goal in particular that i believe will remain for years to come.


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