Malaria in the Future

Malaria is a disease that affects millions of lives every day and will continue to affect millions more if a permanent, affordable and accessible cure is brought around soon.

Malaria is disease that is totally preventable if the medication necessary was readily available to all those who are in need of it. Scientists are striving everyday to find a cure that is cheap and effective at delivering a cure for AIDS. A successful vaccine has not been found yet although some scientists believe that it is not far off. Scientists have been discovering new things about the disease every year and now that a over the counter drug line-up that can cure Malaria is well plausible and underway it is likely they will find a way to cure the disease with a single vaccine in a similar manner.

Yet despite all this progress Malaria is still a global issue and it will take the resources and input of numerous countries in order to solve. The free worldwide distribution of the already available malaria drug is the first step that is necessary to fight the Malaria virus. Many of those less fortunate than us in Canada cannot afford to buy the medicine to heal themselves and loved ones around them, the first world must understand that every country and every peoples has a right to good health and a right to survive past their childhood free of charge.

Before these key changes are made the future of Malaria will stay depressingly bleak. Without reaching these conclusions and accepting these values the world will be nowhere near ready to fulfill its 2015 dream of having reverse the spread of Malaria around the Globe.







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