Technology to combat Malaria

Although it is a treatable disease Malaria still claims many lives within a year, far more than what is acceptable especially when we have the means to treat it. In the world today Malaria infection rates are climbing, especially in areas such as sub-saharan Africa. Many types of technologies were developed in order treat and prevent the disease, but as with AIDS prevention starts with awareness.

As like with AIDS the first technologies that can be used to combat Malaria are those that you find right at home. By educating others about the disease, places where it resides and how to protect themselves against it society builds up a collaborative resistance just through awareness. With Malaria the largest of problems is that treatment is not affordable or available in the parts of the world that need it the most. The best we can help this is through donations, electric transfers of money that can occur right within our own homes and computers, even in the smallest amounts, can make a difference in another part of the world.

Other more advanced technologies used to combat Malaria include:

1. Malaria Vaccine – Malaria although treatable has no effective vaccination that would be practical for clinical use. It has undergone extreme study in the past years and scientists everyday are looking for new ways to create a Vaccination for the disease. Part of the reason as to why creating a vaccine is so difficult is due to the fact that the Plasmodium virus is very susceptible to evolution and adaptation. It is able to develop resistances and immunities to different types of medication. This also makes the Plasmodium virus vary from person to person, making it even harder to find a universal cure.

2. Drug treatment – Depending on the Plasmodium strand that is present in the carrier a differing series of over the counter drugs may be administered to weaken or kill the virus. This is the most effective treatment for malaria but is expensive and not easily accessibly to third world countries. Also many people have a hard time following up on the drugs as they do not know how to follow prescription and often believe that only a single dosage is enough to cure a person.

Technology does not only go as far as treatments and vaccines either, it extends to the finer hardware behind finding these viruses and producing the drugs behind them. These technologies (also applicable to AIDS) include microscopes (SEM, TEM), precision tools (cell needles), thousands of chemical agents used in both research and production process and precision lab instruments used in assembly and breakdown of products (includes things like x-ray machines, scan machines, gamma ray microwaves etc.)

Malaria is a disease that i believe is truly being combatted by technology better than most any other disease and will son show improvement as the technology used to cure becomes more and more readily available.












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