Technology to Fight AIDS

Without the help of modern day science and technology we would be for the most part completely vulnerable to AIDS. Even with the technology that is available to us today we have only come far enough to suppress the disease and prevent others from getting in the first place. We have not as of yet been able to cure someone with AIDS of the problem.

Technology is still advancing everyday though, soon a vaccine for AIDS may be a reality and we may be able to cure the disease once and for all. Of course, this may still be very far off.

There are wide range of technologies in use today to try and rid the world of the AIDS problem and not all of them involve extreme planning, complicated scientific process or even major funding. In fact some of the most successful campaigns to fight against AIDS start with the technologies we have right around our homes. The best way to solve the problem of AIDS is to prevent AIDS in the first place and the best way to prevent AIDS is to bring awareness to AIDS. Many individuals have created web pages, groups, clubs and blogs to bring awareness to the AIDS problem. In this way the technology that we have at home can be some of our greatest tools for fighting AIDS. Social media and even cellular devices have become a tool of technology used to fight AIDS, click here for more info.

A look at the importance of HIV/AIDS awareness

Of Course in the field of AIDS, simple technologies alone will not be enough to fight the disease, we must also look toward building newer technology to meet new breakthroughs and success in the AIDS department.

Some new technologies being Used include: 

1. Microbicides  – A technology that is directly used to prevent HIV infection by putting up actual chemical barriers to the virus.

2. AIDS vaccine – The most obvious choice to cure AIDS, although it is far from the easiest solution. Unlike a regular vaccination an AIDS vaccine would require a complete chemical reverse engineer of the virus.

3. Neutralizing Anti bodies – involves extracting AIDS specific antibodies only present in a few people, storing them and analyzing them in order to make a chemical vaccine with the same properties.

Technology is a useful and sometimes simple tool that we can all use in order to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS.


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